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congratulations to laura & drew on their feature on wedding wire this week…with weddings of distinction property¬†Bonnet Island Estate Unforgettable D.J.’s, magnolia florist





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i love second chances & thursday weddings! especially when they are with two people that have such a love of life as these two do and their celebration is in the always lovely clark’s landing yacht club…thank you barb wentzel for your second sight…with katydid florist, nick cavaleri from unforgettable dis, salon marsal, kate’s paper tree..

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while the weather just couldn’t seem to make up it’s mind most of the day and night first raining then not and on like that it did not dampen the spirits of this couple and those around them…how could it when they were being married in the boathouse chapel at the beautiful bonnet island estate…they were so sweet and laura looked absolutely lovely in her gorgeous lace suzanne neville gown…magnolia exquisite florals did a fantastic job with the florals…the bride’s dad, brought his old cutlass 442 convertible just one of the many charming details we had available that day…i loved, loved the lobster trap that was made by the bride and her mom and held the place cards…trevor from unforgettable djs did an awesome job of keeping everyone on the dance floor…thank you julia wagner for another wonderful day…additional credits:¬† scissor sisters salon, wedding paper divas, bake works

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nicole & charlie had an absolutely glorious day for their beautiful wedding at the always gorgeous weddings of distinction property, mallard island yacht club complete with an amazing full moon for their twilight photos…

credits: unforgettable djs, lily of the valley florist, dan martin group, lulu townsend, moesters bakery

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  1. Debbie Archimedes’s avatar

    Jeri, I am absolutely amazed at this preview! Your work is stunning! Your shots are so professional and even the posed shots seem totally natural. I can’t wait to see all the finished work and begin selecting pictures for my album, and I know Nicki can’t wait either. The hard part will be choosing!
    Thank you so much for your beautiful pictures.

  2. Jeri Houseworth’s avatar

    Thank you Debbie! I so enjoyed spending time with your family!

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despite a really bad case of bronchitis, teresa was determined to let nothing interfere with her beach wedding to mike at the beautiful windows on the water and she didn’t! she laughed and she danced and you would never know that she was feeling badly at all by looking at her face…these two were so funny and we had such a great day with them and with jeanine mangan who made her look healthy and beautiful, mandy liento from la sorella bridal on hair, sands of time video, petal beach florists and chris garrow from unforgettable djs


  1. Teresa Kosuda’s avatar

    Jerri……….you were an absolute pleasure to work with and the pictures you shown us so far are breathtaking. It was an amazing day and you weren’t only an awesome photographer……….we had an absolute ball with you! Thank you for making our wedding day so special. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.

    Teresa and Michael Colonna

  2. Jeanie Calello’s avatar

    AWESOME pictures…..Teresa, you looked sensational! Everyone looked wonderful and, by the way, what a good looking Dad! We love you guys and want only the best for you and Michael. Sorry to have missed the fun, but we have little Emeth Kai (born on 9/5) and Brycen Elise (born on your wedding day at 9:17pm) to always remind us of your special day.


    Aunt Jeanie

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