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i hadn’t met amanda until the week of her wedding as this couple resides in florida but i knew from the moment i met her that it was going to be a fantastic time…this couple is so much fun to be around and as you will see by this preview they are not only great looking but know how to have a great time!…i was thrilled that they had such a beautiful day which started at the oyster point hotel…the bouquets from petal beach were so pretty and it was good working with mike simons on video…after the ceremony at st. james church in red bank, we headed down to riverside gardens where the wind kicked up a bit as you will also see below followed by a quick stop at starbucks which is special to the couple and back to the oyster point…mission dance was amazing set after set and the dance floor was never empty…special thanks to jessica morrisy parker again for another great day working together!

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