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there is a particular bride that i have always had a fondness for…she is a classic beauty, she most always has amazing friends and families and SHOES, she carries herself with confidence, she is mindful of what is important,  she has a ball no matter what the weather or surrounding circumstances, she glows– and with all the grace she exudes she snorts when she laughs…this is why i love this bride so much…the weather did not cooperate for much of the day but you would never know the sun wasn’t shining by the smiles on liz and jon’s faces…and, we still managed to sneak a few precious minutes on the beach outside windows on the water…elizabeth dressed at the sheraton in eatontown and her hair looked so beautiful as did her makeup, compliments of the lovely, amy marie…elizabeth’s priscilla of boston gown was perfect for the windy day she ended up having…i loved the little fishing poles the ring bearer’s tied the rings to as well as the bridesmaid’s henkaa red halter dresses, the men’s argyle socks and converse sneakers…flowers provided by john’s riverside florist, entertainment provided by dj ak…and a special thank you to jessica morrisy parker for helping to capture this amazing couple’s day! such a treat!


  1. Mike Walter’s avatar

    Jeri you take such beautiful work. I always love when you share you pictures. Truly amazing! The shot of the steel drum guy in the foreground could be that guys promotional shot. Great stuff!

  2. Barb Youchah’s avatar

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures Jeri. Do you mind if we post a link to this on our Sheraton Eatontown Facebook page?

  3. Jeri Houseworth’s avatar

    thank you so much! of course feel free to link it…i am sending the link via my photography page as well…thank you again!

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