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grace & tom had a gorgeous day for their beachside wedding at windows on the water…thank you cheryl for keeping things running effortlessly…the flowers were amazing as usual courtesy of the ladies at petal beach floral design, and everyone looked their best do to the hair and makeup artistry of la sorella bridal…it was an extra special treat working with mike walter from elite entertainment and i always enjoy working with barbara wentzel…she keeps things lively!

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the weather just held out for kim & gregg on their day…kim looked beautiful in one of the most gorgeous dresses i have seen (a form fitting mark zunino gown with delicate flower appliqués) and jimmy choo shoes…the bari jay bridesmaids gowns were equally lovely in champagne color and flowy chiffon…after a traditional ceremony at st. james church in red bank, we headed to the bride’s house in rumson for some photos with the bridal party before their reception at eagle oaks golf club…hank lane band played while gregg artfully dipped kim during their first dance…it was great working with barb wentzel again as well as mike simons on video…additional credits: high maintenance salon, hair the papery: invitations flowers: sayrewood florist

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i knew by the time i spent photographing glynnis & jay’s engagement session that they would have a really lively wedding and they did not disappoint!  they had a fantastic group of friends and family standing up for them who made the day so easy…irish eyes were truly smiling and the sun was out in full force which made for a must stop at spring lake beach following their ceremony at st. rose and spring lake park…glynnis looked so pretty in her michelle roth gown (one of my favorite designers) and hot pink kelly & katie patent leather shoes which perfectly matched the bridesmaids chiffon jcrew dresses…thank you to the wonderful barbara wentzel who documented the groom and his guys and captured some fantastic pictures…after a quick stop at the gazebo in spring lake to recreate this couples prom picture (see the cell phone) we headed off to their reception at one of my favorite venues, spring lake golf club where pat roddy band kept the dance floor full… additional credits: hair: élan hair studio, sea girt  makeup:  blush, sea girt  long branch trolley, cake: chocolate carousel, photo booth:  jersey shore photo booth tuxedos: mens wearhouse  invitations:  kate’s paper tree  flowers: wallflowers

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after photographing events for almost 20 years now, it takes a lot to make me cry…but the tears were flowing during lucille and tracy’s special day…maybe it was because they have been together for almost 30 years…maybe it was because this couple like many others like them are finally able to be married in the eyes of the law…maybe because their adorable, wonderful mothers, who i’m sure witnessed their girl’s struggles were able to share in their daughter’s special day…maybe it was because there was just an unbelievable amount of love and joy and friendship surrounding them…i was privileged to be able to not only tell their story but to witness their achievement and triumph and abundance of love…i will always remember these wonderful women and their incredible day…thank you to kris rupp for the second set of eyes…it’s always such an honor to work with you…and to nancy & chris at avenue…i always love working there with you both!

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  1. Ann Benwell’s avatar

    Thank you for your beautiful BLOG. You girls did a great job and took wonderful pictures. I know my
    girls were very happy with all of them………………Ann Benwell

  2. Ruth (Sissy)’s avatar

    Please send congratulations to Tracy & Lucille , I wish them much happiness,and may their love continue to grow stronger with each passing day.

    Love Sissy

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