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i absolutely love this couple…you never would have known it was 90+% humidity because they were both SO unbelievably happy!  happy to be there, in love with each other and their day and brian literally could not contain his excitement during the evening over marrying his love and sharing it with friends and family that shared in their joy…the site for all this lovefest was the wonderful, imperia, in somerset…lauren and brian really personalized their day with so many examples of their love of travel from the passport place cards that the bride’s sister made or the beautifully etched cake of different european cities to the photo frames on each table with a different city on the frames and the photo cube of pictures from their travels that topped their cake…radio legends cousin brucie and bill  rock both toasted the happy couple…it was a really great way to wrap up the month…




  1. Susan Greenspan’s avatar

    Your work is magnificent! While enjoying the event, you don’t always see the details, expressions, joy, laughter, tears in every moment and in just this short sampling, you bring all of that to light. My niece spoke so highly of you and your work and now I can see why. Thank you for making this magical day even more magical.

    Lauren’s Aunt Susan

  2. Lauren DeNicola’s avatar

    Jeri! I can’t even say thank you enough! These photos are absolutely magnificent. You captured the tone and energy of our wedding with such perfection. I can’t wait to see the rest of them! Thank you for everything and for bringing such life to these pictures – every time I look at them it transports me right back to that moment and it’s perfect!

    ~Lauren 😀

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    It was a delightful wedding and I was honored to be a part of it. I wish Brian and Lauren a lifetime of happiness.

    Dennis Frank

  4. Sara Sosnowski’s avatar

    These pictures area amazing and seeing the two of you so happy on this day makes you realize all the good in the world… I’m so excited to see the rest of the pictures!!


thank you lauren & duane for sharing your wonderful, WINDY day with us…We had a great time working with you both in Asbury Park, Pier Village and the Imperia in Somerset…  Thanks to John, a groomsmen and the owner of Gloss Salon, where all the pre-wedding prep happened…

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