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what a great way to spend new year’s eve! with a beautiful couple, great professionals, my husband and even some guests that are friends all at the wonderful eagle oaks golf and country club…with nick from Unforgettable D.J.’s, Marquis Florals & Event Design by Kim, Perfect Faces by Nina., denise vacchiano, barbara wentzel, & megan from Holland Designs…happy new year everyone!

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brittany & brian had more than the luck of the irish for their beach wedding…they were blessed with a 70 degree indian summer in late october! we had so much fun with this couple and all of the wonderful professionals that worked to make their day perfection starting with hair perfection by denise vacchiano, Perfect Faces by Nina. gina ryan from east coast floral design & Brian Kirk & The Jirks…thank you barb wentzel for the assist

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so much sweeter when you get to celebrate and capture your friends children…a beautiful day with a gorgeous couple and amazing professionals to work alongside…with Petal Beach amy mcgowen denise vacchiano So Watt Falco’s Catering at Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel…thank you Jules Wagner for your always lovely images and company!

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other than my dog, i don’t typically share much of my private life on social media but because so many of the most important people in my life contributed so much time and talent to making my day so special i’ve decided to make an exception in this case…5 weeks ago the man i’ve been with for nearly 9 years (yes you heard right) popped the question…i met bob after documenting his brother Steve Livingstone‘s wedding to Michelle Charlesworth in 2003…it was love at first site…not with bob and i but me with michelle and steve! since then, i not only fell in love with bob but also with his amazing family who had become my own even before we made it official this month in spring lake where it all began 11 years ago…it was a family affair with my most important people & puppy charlie and it was a beautiful, happy celebration which happened quickly and would not have been were it not for the incredible friends (family of the heart) who offered their talents and services to make everything extra special…words of thanks are not enough to Denise Vacchiano for the amazing job she did on my hair (and it stayed even in the wind), Amy Marie McGowen who was able to transform an old girl like me into something pretty, & special thanks to nina from perfect faces by nina for making my step-daughter look beautiful as well! Bonnie Cappuzzello & Christine Foster from Petal Beach who transformed the tables at Avenue and made the most beautiful tablescapes and bouquet for me & also for being such an incredible support to bob & i…also thank you chris & nancy at Avenue for making everything just perfect…thank you so much to Bruce Foster for sharing his musical talent for the ceremony and for being one of our crazy bunch… Lauren Perrotto from Lulu’s palace who took an idea and brought it to life with her gorgeous handpainted cake and mason cupcake jars and Jessica Morrisy Photography who was kind enough and brave enough to tackle someone like me who is notoriously camera shy…thank you to her husband mike as well! dress courtesy of Badgley Mischka for BHLDN … i managed to snap just a few details before and during my wedding (not many as you can see) & jessica was nice enough to provide me with a few images for a sneak peak which i am sharing here…thank you everyone again for all the outpouring of love and good wishes on my newest adventure!…additional credits:  rings: goldtinker, deal (thank you joseph!) purse: bhldn sweater: vintage borrowed from denise vacchiano earrings & bracelet: givenchy

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kelli & brian had a beautiful, windy day for their wedding at the always amazing clark’s landing yacht club…kelli is so sweet and was overjoyed about her day…she looked so lovely and i loved the brooch she wore in her hair done perfectly by the wonderful denise vacchianonina from perfect faces worked her magic with kelli’s makeup and something nice provided all of the florals…brian and his groomsmen all wore classic tuxedos and bowties  which i always think is the best look for a dapper groom next to a gorgeous bride…not only were they treated to a beautiful sunset but the dancefloor was jammed packed due to the incredible brian kirk and the jirks…special thanks to julia wagner for shooting alongside me on her last wedding before moving to north carolina…

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