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preview of Jen & Brian’s wedding at Windows on the Water & Bungalow Hotel with Nick Cavalieri, Andrew King from Stomping Bread Productions & Chocolate Carousel…thank you Barbara Wentzel for the assist!


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i had not met jen & matt until the day of their beautiful beachside wedding at windows on the water as they live in boston but from the moment i did, i knew the day was going to be wonderful…the weather was perfect and it’s always a treat working with cheryl at windows on the water with an assist from my friend, the amazing kris rupp…fred, on video for mike simons, provided many laughs throughout the day and narcissus florals did a beautiful job with the flowers and table arrangements…

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bari & brad/avenue

it’s a beautiful thing when two people find each other, love each other and begin their lives together but it is even more poignant when two families come together the way that these two did each with a son who act more like brothers than a lot of those born into the same family…they look like they were meant to be…bari & brad saw each other before the ceremony for some photographs at the bungalow before their rooftop wedding at avenue…planner, daniela grafman took care of all the wedding day details, narcissus provided the floral arrangements and fred from mike simons provided videography for the day…it’s always a treat when i get an assist from bob livingstone, my sometimes second photographer and love…wishing bari & brad and their new family a beautiful life together…

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grace & tom had a gorgeous day for their beachside wedding at windows on the water…thank you cheryl for keeping things running effortlessly…the flowers were amazing as usual courtesy of the ladies at petal beach floral design, and everyone looked their best do to the hair and makeup artistry of la sorella bridal…it was an extra special treat working with mike walter from elite entertainment and i always enjoy working with barbara wentzel…she keeps things lively!

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