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bari & brad/avenue

it’s a beautiful thing when two people find each other, love each other and begin their lives together but it is even more poignant when two families come together the way that these two did each with a son who act more like brothers than a lot of those born into the same family…they look like they were meant to be…bari & brad saw each other before the ceremony for some photographs at the bungalow before their rooftop wedding at avenue…planner, daniela grafman took care of all the wedding day details, narcissus provided the floral arrangements and fred from mike simons provided videography for the day…it’s always a treat when i get an assist from bob livingstone, my sometimes second photographer and love…wishing bari & brad and their new family a beautiful life together…

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it was another beautiful evening with a sweet couple and some fantastic vendors!  i loved, loved, loved lauren’s  watters gown which was just perfect for her…i have never seen avenue look prettier with all of the beautiful details provided by paige from gilded lily events, wallflowers florist art paper scissors…amy marie did her usual fantastic job of making lauren look naturally beautiful and my favorite dj, nick cavaleri from imagine entertainment…and thank you so much julia wagner for your stunning artistry and company…what a treat it has been working with you this year and i will miss you when you move on to bigger adventures next month in ashville north carolina…additional credits:  the bungalow hotel, long branch  accessories:  foolish ginger, asbury park calligraphy: mary kate moon

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    Hello! I just wanted to thank you for tagging me in this beautiful blog. I’m currently in the process of creating a new website and in it I am having a section called “real brides.” I was hoping to use one of the pics above…the black and white one of the bride and groom..I believe it’s the 18th one down. Obviously you would get the photo credits for it. Please let me know if you’re interested. I would really appreciate it, it showcases my hairpiece very nicely 🙂
    Thank you, and feel free to call me at my shop,
    Foolish Ginger

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it was a gorgeous day for danielle & marc’s rooftop wedding at avenue in long branch…this couple were so easy going and lighthearted and playful together it was so easy & fun spending the day with them…alan’s rumson florist did a gorgeous job with all of the flowers and it was great working with him for the second week in a row!…danielle made the pillows that adorned the sofas at avenue and i loved the nostalgic guest book danielle found on etsy  called shabby scrap and all the special details…after the ceremony, which was officiated by danielle’s brother, we went down to the beach for a few photos in the sand…  thank you for another great day jules wagner!

additional credits:  jeanine mangan makeup, soundwave entertainment, caputos pastry shoppe

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venue:  Avenue
florist:Alan's Rumson Florist
dj: DJ Unique of Vision Entertainment
officiant:Rev. Jill Dillner
cake:cake bake and roll
dress designer:Herve' Leger
shoe designer:Andrew Stevens and Vero Cuoio
any other vendor you would like credited:Chris's suit is Canali
Wedding bands A.H. Fisher Diamonds in Red Bank

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sometimes words do not suffice…almost everything you need to know about this couple and their day you can see in their photographs…loni was so happy to be marrying her “little matzoh ball” as she called dan –can you tell? what you can’t tell is how crazy windy it was on the rooftop at avenue for this couple’s ceremony and reception!   i absolutely adored her flowers designed by the incredible petal beach…loni got ready at the bungalow with all of it’s beautiful light…denise vacchiano did a beautiful job with loni’s hair and jeanine mangan did her usual lovely job with the makeup…i typically have my blog preview up a few days after the wedding but because i was leaving for italy the next day and dan was leaving for his honeymoon, he let me off the hook and so thank you dan and here is your preview from your special day!


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    I’ve been staring at the pictures for 7 hours now….from the first words you wrote my tears started flowing. I called my mother who still had not seen a picture of me in my gown….as you know she could not be there …so we went through every image over the phone together. I still can’t go to sleep. You and your dream team turned this middle aged mom into a movie star for a day…and I will never forget a moment.

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    Beautiful! the ceremony,reception you & dan and all the family & friends.And xtra credit to koll & nicki,our wind blown ladies lol

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