September 2018

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I photographed Michele & Jeremy’s wedding in the spring of 2011…that same year I photographed sister, Carol’s wedding…this family is very special to me and through the years it’s been such a treat watching their family expand and photographing them along the way…there is a photograph in this preview of their beautiful children, Jack, Hayes & George, on my porch swing at my home…it turns out that Michele’s mom, Marybeth, Aunt used to live here and Marybeth used to play in the beautiful yard where this session took place…somehow it just seems right…it also occurred to me that many children of couples whose weddings I photographed have sat on that very same swing over the last few years and the feeling I get from continuing to tell their stories never gets old…Michelle  & Jeremy wrote a card to me that read simply, “thank you for taking this crazy ride with us” but the thanks is all mine…and the gratitude is never ending…

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