April 2017

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the week before priya’s wedding, she expressed to me that she really wanted it to snow…when she said it we were having one of those freakishly warm days at the beginning of march so i tried to prepare her for the probability that she wouldn’t be enjoying the white stuff on her special day…well it was cold enough to snow that day but it had actually snowed the day before so in a way she got her wish…it wasn’t a big snowfall, just enough to make her photographs at the farmhouse look extra special!  priya and geoff decided to see each other prior to the ceremony at christ church in shrewsbury…the flowers provided by jenna from waterlily designs and they could not have been prettier! as were the simple and sweet cake and cupcakes provided by ye olde pie shoppe which she decorated…after ceremony everyone headed over to the newly opened mccloone’s rumrunner  in sea bright…thank you barbara wentzel for the great assist and to amie retzlaff, a former bride who is bravely entering the world of wedding photography and tagged along on the other side of the camera this time!

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more years ago than i can remember i had the pleasure of photographing ali and justin’s wedding…it’s an incredible privilege to be able to see the evolution of the brides i photographed who i affectionately refer to as “my girls”…ali is very different than the young woman i photographed all those years ago … the woman who is now a mother of 3 daughters and a powerhouse teacher, leader and force…the transformation physically was striking to me but even more so was the spirit and strength she exuded…i loved photographing ali back then when she was a sweet, young bride and i loved it even more seeing her now in the life she built for her family and for herself…brilliant…and i was even more excited to be able to capture her at my farmhouse…