November 2016

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so much fun visiting with these two absolutely delicious twins at the farmhouse! it’s hard to believe it’s been 3 years since i photographed them as babies!…

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every wedding i get to document is a privilege…and then there are those that are personal and a marker of my own journey…when caroline’s parents, jackie & jimmy, asked me to photograph their only daughter’s special day, i felt such a feeling of nostalgia and the passage of time…you see, 37 years ago,  i danced at their wedding and now to be able to bear witness and capture the joy shared by caroline & andrew, was very emotional and special…additionally, it was so wonderful to be able to host this couple with their friends and family at my farmhouse before their ceremony at allaire chapel…thank you so much to cindy vogel for attending to everyone’s needs at the farmhouse, kris rupp for the delivery of morning baked goods & nicole from anna soiree for keeping things moving along as well as the beautiful invitations and decor at the mill in spring lake…natalia irene makeup artistry did a lovely job with caroline’s makeup as well as nichole brister on hair…it was great working with chris petracorro on video who typically documents professional sports teams and who was so open to learning the dynamics of a wedding…the gorgeous bouquets and centerpieces were provided by kristina from flowerful events and the nerds kept everyone on the dance floor…as always, thank you to my friend and fellow photographer, barbara, for always knowing what i want before i even do…


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  1. Kathi Spurlock’s avatar

    The pictures are absolutely gorgeous. The photographer did a awesome job getting the Happiness that was shown in all the pictures.
    Every picture was absolutely gorgeous. Caroline and her husband looked so happy and the photographer captured it all.
    Amazing work.

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