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another amazing evening spent with one of my special families…i photographed both danielle & nicole’s weddings as well as portraits for danielle & bill before their move to the bay area…i am so blessed that i get to see and document the growth and movement in this wonderful family and get to meet and get to know their beautiful children/grandchildren…


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baby riley…

baby riley is the beautiful result of the love of marissa & stephen mccormack whose wedding i photographed 2 years ago…this is just one of those special families and they have blessed me since that day with photographing baby aubrey, marissa’s niece, and now their own lovely daughter…riley came a bit early and was teeny but just the sweetest little one…marissa is a very special person and i am so grateful for the time i spent with her and her baby in her new home…

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as many of you know, my father passed away at the end of april…i have been absent for the most part from blogging and social media because i needed to take some time to heal from the giant, gaping void left in his absence…until now, i wasn’t even able to share my words about what he meant to me other than at his standing room only service…he was not just not an enormous presence in my life but in so many others…some i knew, some i have met over the course of the last 3+ months…he was just one of those people…you know the ones you just like immediately after meeting them…the ones who always have a smile and a story for you and could always put a smile on your face no matter what…the one you always walk away from feeling better…i could speak for days about the kind of father he was and i have in past public posts but i will just speak to how much a part of my professional life he was…growing up my father was ever present with every camera, still and moving telling the stories of our lives for enjoyment and posterity…he also had a darkroom where he would bring to life what he had captured…when i began my own accidental journey into photography, he was more excited than i was…he was my most ardent fan, biggest cheerleader,  harshest critic and constant support, not just emotionally but also by taking over the business side of my business allowing me to focus on the art…he removed any potential obstacles from my path to success and encouraged me to continue during the times when i was ready to throw in the towel…he drove me and helped load in and set up shows in my early days, he built not one but 2 studios for me to perfection, he took care of my accounts and negotiated the best prices with the labs and album companies…he was my sidekick at the many ppa shows we attended…he along with my mother babysat my boys when they were younger so that i could do my job without worry…he always had the answers to any questions or dilemmas…he was my go to person…there have been busy days since his passing where i would instinctively reach for the phone to ask a question and then i remember i’m on my own now…i see him everywhere and feel his presence every time i pick up my camera or pay a bill…i could fill pages for days about him and what he meant to me but the only thing i keep coming up with if i could have one more day would be to say again, THANK YOU…you are so loved and so missed…


  1. ymoss33’s avatar

    So touching. I’m so sorry. I lost my mom in early June, however we did not have this type of relationship. I grew to understand her in recent years but I wish I missed her more.

  2. Jeri Houseworth’s avatar

    I’m so sorry Yvonne on all fronts xo

  3. kris’s avatar

    You were so very lucky to have each other my friend. xoxo

  4. Rene Stone’s avatar

    Beautifully written Jeri! You are a strong and courageous woman and your Dad is proud of you!

  5. Jeri Houseworth’s avatar

    thank you friend…xo

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this post is from a wedding i photographed in november…i don’t always blog everything i do and the end of last year was particularly busy and so i neglected to write about and post a preview for gina and scott but better late than never! especially for a bride who was so excited about everything having to do with her special day which turned out just perfect! the weather was warm and the sun was shining…the bride did not want the groom to see her before the ceremony yet she wanted to take all of her pictures which posed just a bit of a dilemma but because of the height difference keeping scott’s eyes focused on everything other than gina was actually easier than i thought…gina had so many details from her handmade comic paper groom’s flowers to the many elements in the ceremony from spices to ropes to sand to glass breaking…thank you as always to barbara for the great assist and to mike simons, on video and to cheryl at windows on the water…additional credits: long branch trolley, petal beach, palermo bakery and silk band…


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