July 2016

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10 years ago i photographed amy & tom’s beautiful wedding…i especially remember the ceremony which was filled with live music as they are both music teachers…it was a beautiful day…i was privileged to revisit them years ago in the first home together to photograph emma and now again with their beautiful boy,aidan, to celebrate their special anniversary…i find myself saying over and over how blessed i have been in my career to lasso the love between my couples and then again with the families they build but it just never gets old…there is nothing better…xo

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  1. Amy Buckelew’s avatar

    Jeri, these photos capture Emma and Aidan’s personalities perfectly. The photos you took at our wedding and of Emma as a baby are some of our most prized possessions and these are new memories on film that we will treasure for years to come. Thanks for making the kids feel so comfortable at your house. As always, it was nothing but a pleasure!

  2. Jeri Houseworth’s avatar

    thank you so much amy for your kind words and for continuing to put your trust in me and share your continuing journey…it is such a gift xo

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7 years ago, i photographed lauren and brian’s beautiful wedding in somerset…since then, i have been blessed to document lauren’s pregancy, a family portrait session in asbury park with daughter, maddie, and now another family session at the farmhouse now that evan is here…i always have the most wonderful time with lauren & brian and they have been a very special part of my career…take a peak…

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  1. SUSAN GREENẞPAN’s avatar

    AMAZING photos that encapsulate true love within this beautiful family-WELL DONE☺

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