December 2015

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i feel so many different emotions about this last wedding of the season…erin is the last of karen & brian’s children and this is another one of those magnificent families that have taken me along with them on the journey of their loves and lives… photographing first tara’s then meghan’s weddings along with their family portraits and babies and more babies along the way they have come to mean more than clients to me…there were moments during the day where i found myself getting a bit teary as there are no more ullman weddings in my future…but i know i will see them again for more babies and special occasions…the day was windy but perfectly beautiful…it was joyful to work along side jennifer from Sands of Time Video Productions who has also filmed all of the girl’s weddings, as well as my most favorite ladies, denise vacchiano who created hair magic, amy marie from Makeup by Amy Marie , bonnie & chris from Petal Beach & barbara wentzel who i adore working with…a very special thank you to my wonderfully kind neighbors, dave & doug for their hospitality and graciousness in allowing us to take photographs on their incredible property…better than any park and just gorgeous! & a perfect place to wrap up the season, Clarks Landing Yacht Club Weddings with one of the best combined matron of honor speeches i have heard in 20 years! congratulations erin & kenny…

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sophia & santiago

i have been so blessed in my career that my couples continue to choose me to document their stories after their weddings…i photographed lynne & jeff’s wedding many years ago and then portraits after they welcomed santiago into their family…since then the beautiful sophia has joined this wonderful group and it was so much fun meeting her and seeing lynne and her parents and the children at livingstone farmhouse for some late afternoon photographs…the kids are as beautiful as lynne & jeff were on their special day…

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it was a perfect crisp fall day for annie & scott’s wedding which started with first look photos at livingstone farmhouse…annie’s looked so pretty in her lace gown enhanced by an exquisite bouquet from petal beach and makeup by amy marie…it’s always great working with mike simons on video…bonnie & chris completely outdid themselves on this wedding from the personal flowers to the gorgeous tablescape at the farmhouse and the decorations they adorned the gardens with…just beautiful!  we continued with ceremony and reception at windows on the water with some amazing light and beach photos before her very chilly but lovely ceremony on the beach…thank you to cheryl who is always so wonderful at windows on the water and it’s always a great time with Brian Kirk & The Jirks …thank you always to my side kick barb…

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