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it was as wet a day as you can get from start to finish but it didn’t dampen this couple’s spirit or day even the slightest bit…they forgot about the grey skies and umbrellas and puddles and brought the sun and warmth with their love and spirit and by celebrating every last minute with their friends and families…who needs the sun anyway when you have covered porches and brick walls…my sister is married to the bride’s uncle so i already knew how beautiful caitlin and her family is and gary is everything any bride could ask for…the love these two feel for each other is so completely tangible and spending the day, even a soaker like this one, made it effortless for me to capture…every day is made easier when you have wonderful professionals working alongside like amy marie magowen, makeup by amy marie, mandy liento from la sorella bridal, crest florist, park savoy & band of gold…oh and of course, a great assist by barb wentzel…

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there are not enough words to share how special my feelings are for this family…i have been privileged to photograph both michele and carol’s weddings 3 months apart from one another in 2012 and brother greg’s new baby, greg, several weeks ago…since the very first day of meeting mom, marybeth, dad, greg and their beautiful children, i have felt a very special connection…they are a beautiful example of family and both michele and carol had their first babies in the same year and now baby number 2 again several weeks apart!  i was thrilled when michele asked me to come over and take some casual photos of her family…she and husband, jeremy, make a beautiful couple and beautiful babies! and what an extra special treat to see mom, marybeth, when i arrived, ready with a hug and a beautiful flower basket to make my day…take a peak at their newest member, baby george! who as you can see, has no problem sleeping through everything!



it was a beautiful evening at the riverfront home of this wonderful family complete with dogs, babies, old cars & a gorgeous view of the river…take a look….

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colton turns 1!

i’ve documented this family since jessie & dennis’s wedding many years ago…i’ve spent many wonderful hours with them since through pregnancies, newborn photos and first birthdays for both boys, mason & colton…all sessions were always in the winter so we decided to take this one outside and enjoy colton’s birthday cake in the grass and then have some sprinkler fun…i absolutely love getting to see the same families year after year and documenting their individual growth but also as a family unit…this one is very special to me…happy first birthday colton!

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the most beautiful humans are produced by this most beautiful family…one that is very special to me…baby greg is so lucky to be a part of it with parents like kristin & greg, grandparents like marybeth & greg and wonderful aunts and uncles!

babygreg_0002 babygreg_0003 babygreg_0004 copy babygreg_0005 babygreg_0006 babygreg_0007 babygreg_0008 babygreg_0009 babygreg_0010 babygreg_0011



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