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it was such a treat working with katie & cody not just because she is the niece of the fantastic makeup artist, jeanine mangan but also because the location is my very own property…i’m excited to photograph their wedding this october!

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grace & tom had a gorgeous day for their beachside wedding at windows on the water…thank you cheryl for keeping things running effortlessly…the flowers were amazing as usual courtesy of the ladies at petal beach floral design, and everyone looked their best do to the hair and makeup artistry of la sorella bridal…it was an extra special treat working with mike walter from elite entertainment and i always enjoy working with barbara wentzel…she keeps things lively!

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we had the best day with the most wonderful people! thank you lauren & nick for sharing your day, your love story, all your beautiful hard work with us! it was such a great day on the lovely grounds at monmouth hills club… with kris rupp, joyce livingstone kubert, michael simons, sounds to go, barbara gold caterers, makeup by amy marie, bell blake duo & in the garden florists

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congratulations to laura & drew on their feature on wedding wire this week…with weddings of distinction property¬†Bonnet Island Estate Unforgettable D.J.’s, magnolia florist





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his was not my first wedding in virginia but it was my first at the beautiful Veritas Winery …eileen & adam are such a special couple not just because of who they are but because they are an extended part of my new family…a special thank you to chloe at veritas who made everything so easy for me, jay & max & to my most handsome assistant, bob livingstone, who worked his butt off…gorgeous flowers by Hedge Fine Blooms super pretty cake by favorite cakes invitations by Paper Rock Scissor Invitation Studio hair & makeup by Bristles & the incredible The A-Town A-List band

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