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i can’t think of a better way to show love on valentine’s day then to do something that spreads the love to so many… this year’s pals plunge was not just the first one i photographed that actually fell on valentine’s day but it was also the coldest one i can remember…frigid is a tame way to describe the weather that day…the ocean water actually froze as it hit the sand which made it a virtual ice slide for all those really brave folks jumping in to the icy waters with the warmest of hearts and intentions of raising money and doing something to help this amazing organization which helps local families afflicted with als…it was so great to see sean magovern this year  who shared with me that this year’s plunge raised well over $300,000 for the cause…AMAZING! as well as his kids maggie, michael & kyle who are there every year doing their part to honor the organization their grandfather, terry, started as a promise to his fiancé, joan dancy, before she died from als….joan was a terrific woman who was taken way too soon and too young…thank you to mike kathleen damato for all her hard work and for always allowing me the honor to participate in such a beautiful day…xo

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happy belated new year everyone! i usually get this post up by the end of the year or at the very least the first week into the new one but there was so much going on, this is literally the first chance i’ve gotten to check in!… i titled this post changes because i have spoken about this over the years in my prior end of the year blogposts and because many changes occurred and many more are to come …before i speak to that, i would like to as always offer immense thanks and profound gratitude for everything i have in my life and more importantly for all the people that are in my world…those who i have grown up with, my family of blood and my family of the heart…thank you for letting me know that i always have a soft place to land, to those old friends who have enriched my life beyond words and know me from way back, you are all my touch stones and reminder of who i am, where i started and how far i’ve traveled to get to this place in my life, thank you…to the new friends i have made, it’s been so great learning about you and hearing the stories of your lives…i look forward to hearing more!…there are not enough thank yous in the world i could offer to convey to my parents for the life they gave me, the love and lessons they provided and the strength i have always felt just knowing they are out there on my side…my sons, alex & ryan, i could not be prouder of the men i see you becoming…it has been a long journey and time literally did pass in the blink of an eye…you are my heart…as are my animals and my love, bobby…i have learned so much about love and commitment and you have made me happier than i ever dreamed possible…i adore you and the life we are living together…this past year brought me marriage, a new home, a new town…it brought so many wonderful people into my ever changing world…letting go and change has never been easy for me but i am learning that change can bring the best gifts ever…this past year, i have been able to work with some amazing photographers…as always, thank you for sharing your vision, perspective, insight and friendship with me…i learn so much from all of you and it has been a treat working with you and getting to know you…i have witnessed many changes in my profession as well…as with everything, some good, some not…i will be speaking to this more later on down the road…this year, i will celebrate 20 years in business…it is hard to believe…my phone still rings everyday and my inbox is always filled with prospective clients… i am beyond blessed that people see something in my work they value and gravitate towards and want…i am as busy as i have ever been and i am so grateful…as my fellow photographers know well, we sacrifice more than a fair amount of our personal lives to be successful…i wouldn’t have changed any of it for the world… in celebration of my 20th year, i will be blogging less and you may not see as much of me on Facebook because i am allowing myself to really just take a breath, slow down and enjoy all the blessings that i have in my life…in order to do so, i will only be accepting a limited amount of weddings beginning 2016…choosing to do this when i am at the top of my game and having it be my choice to do so, is the biggest change, but even though as with most changes it is a bit scary, it also is completely empowering because it IS my choice…i will be restructuring my business so that i am able to devote more of my time not just to my family and friends but to traveling more, taking the art classes i have been longing to take as well as focusing more attention to the fine art work i have been unable to do because of the time constraints of my shooting schedule…this will not just reinvigorate me in my craft but will also i suspect allow for more of a personal life for me…it is a perfect time for me to step back and do some of those things that i have put off in my own world…i will be talking more about the particular ways my business will change a bit further into the year but in the meantime, i have a bunch of wonderful weddings and projects happening this year and will continue to share those on my blog…to all of you who have shared your days and lives and memories with me since 1995 thank you for your support and kindness and for giving me this life i have been so fortunate to enjoy…you are all my family and i am forever grateful to you…i am so excited about all the people, places and things that lie ahead this year…before then, another look at this past one…xo

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