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we had a wonderful day with jordan & bill…they had one of the best choreographed first dance i have seen in 20 years! so much fun to watch them and share in their special day which started with their very personal ceremony at Allaire State Chapel with a stop at the holiday decorated Monmouth University before heading to the holiday decorated was so great working with andrew king from Stomping Bread Productions, nina from Perfect Faces by Nina, brittany from salon kokopelli,  dj jimi mac and barbara wentzel…

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a beautiful day for this great couple who currently reside in california but were married in their home state of nj at the beautiful allaire chapel in allaire state park and the always wonderful clark’s landing yacht club…with Pasch Salon, anna soiree, Purple Iris Flower Shop, SCE Event Group, Bovella’s Pastry Shoppe & MAC @ Nordstrom…thank you barbara wentzel for always being such a great sidekick!

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it was a bit of a wet one for lauren & tim but where there is love there is magic and with some very quick photos down in asbury park at the casino and a cozy ceremony at Windows on the Water at Surfrider Beach Club as well as beautiful flowers from Petal Beach and a wonderful group of family and friends, it couldn’t have been more perfect…thank you barbara wentzel for the great assist!

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brittany & brian had more than the luck of the irish for their beach wedding…they were blessed with a 70 degree indian summer in late october! we had so much fun with this couple and all of the wonderful professionals that worked to make their day perfection starting with hair perfection by denise vacchiano, Perfect Faces by Nina. gina ryan from east coast floral design & Brian Kirk & The Jirks…thank you barb wentzel for the assist

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so much sweeter when you get to celebrate and capture your friends children…a beautiful day with a gorgeous couple and amazing professionals to work alongside…with Petal Beach amy mcgowen denise vacchiano So Watt Falco’s Catering at Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel…thank you Jules Wagner for your always lovely images and company!

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