October 2014

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congratulations to rene & mark on their feature today in winery weddings from their beautiful wedding at pippin hill vineyards in charlottesville, virginia last fall!

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the newest beautiful addition to jesse & dennis’ family….meet colton…it’s hard to believe that brother mason has gotten so big from our session on his first birthday a few months ago! they grow so fast at this stage…i am so blessed to get to see and document this couple’s continuing love story…i’ve been lucky enough to see the progression from their wedding day to their pregnancy to the birth of the first born and now second born and along the way see their ever expanding house! every time i go, there is a new room or 2 or 3 that they’ve added or some wonderful thing that they have refurbished or built…they are building their dream home little by little along with their dream family…thank you for taking me along!

babycolton_004 babycolton_003 babycolton_002 babycolton_008 babycolton_005 babycolton_007 babycolton_006 babycolton babycolton_001

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finally able to get a preview up on this lovely couple! it was super convenient to photograph the excitement surrounding both the bride and the groom as they live directly across the street from each other in avon! the skies opened up during the ceremony at st. elizabeth’s church in avon… the day was windy & soggy and warm and joyous and gave us just enough time to sneak on the beach in spring lake across from spring lake bath & tennis for a few photos in just before it started to rain again…rain or shine it didn’t matter…there was love and laughter and music and dancing and everything that makes a wedding day perfect! and of course amazing professionals like Denise Vacchiano, jeanine mangan, shade from Details Made Simple – Wedding Day Coordinator, long branch trolley, Michael Simons, Pat Roddy Band, east coast florist and friend of the family, the legendary, jimmy byrne…

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it was such a treat to shoot on the asbury park boardwalk and beach with annie & scott…not only are they adorable but they had an amazingly beautiful cool night with awesome waves & the boardwalk was bustling with activity! you can never be bored or run out of things to photograph when you are in AP and it’s always such a blast to incorporate whatever is going on into my sessions…this night we had a full orchestra outside of Tim McLoone’s Supper Club playing (of course just for my couple!) and a magician who started making jokes when he realized that annie & scott were getting more attention than he was during his magic act… and we just couldn’t end their session without stopping in front of The Stone Pony where this couple first met…i can’t wait to photograph their wedding next fall at Windows on the Water at Surfrider Beach Club

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Marla Rolleri & sal had a brutally hot day a couple of weeks ago but the storm clouds that came as a result and the locations we were able to photograph them in thanks to family friends make all that so worth it…even my lens fogging up at eagle oaks lent to a dreamy effect i couldn’t have asked for! and marla’s flowy dress was perfect for the wind that kicked up as the storm rolled in and had just a touch of blush at the bottom to go with the pinkish clouds in the sky…thank you to Terry Doerner Geerdts for the assist and especially to marla & sal, 2 of the nicest people & all the amazing vendors that had a hand in making their day so special like eagle oaks country club, Bonnie Cappuzzello & Christine Foster from Petal Beach, Trish Fearon from Thinking Paper, bleeker street band & eric from creative unlimited video…

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