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it’s not surprising that one of my favorite couples & one of the calmest by the way produced such a beautiful baby (also one of the calmest i’ve  ever photographed!)…samantha & matthew are so easy going and i just loved spending time with them and their newest family member scott anthony…he has such a sweet disposition and face to match…the only thing that keeps any of it from perfection is the fact that matthew is a red sox fan and seems to be driving the bus for his young offspring in boston’s direction (check out the pacifier)…

babyscott0001 babyscott0002 babyscott0003 babyscott0004 babyscott0005 babyscott0006 babyscott0007 babyscott0008 babyscott0009 babyscott0010 babyscott0011

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what a great time we had with jonathan & jon who live in texas but have family on the jersey shore…asbury park was the perfect backdrop for their beach wedding and emotional, lively reception with their friends and family…the talented kris rupp was a terrific sidekick for this wedding…tara feeley entertainment provided the music and mc’d their day and it was the first time in 20 years that i worked alongside scott from janet studios on video…thank you rachel for as always making it a joy to work at mcloone’s supper club…take a look:)

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    Thank you Jeri, Kris and Phyllis!

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    Oh..!! Very Nice.. Awesome Post.. Thanks for sharing..

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    These pictures capture the day PERFECTLY! And you truly depict the love they share! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kris’s avatar

    Awesome images!! Great guys and wonderful fun wedding!! 🙂

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some days you just get lucky all around…beautiful, fun couple, great weather, wonderful families and friends, amazing professionals like petal beach florists, megan holland designs, sce entertainment, ye olde pie shoppe and a special assist from jessica morissy parker who went to school with the groom and a lot of the bridal party!  after a beautiful ceremony at elberon memorial church, we headed off to deep cut gardens for some more photos before the reception at oyster point hotel in red bank…thank you christian for always making us feel so welcome there…karen looked stunning in her paloma blanca gown with hair and makeup provided by hands on salon in freehold…i loved their invitations and programs designed by megan holland…just beautiful! and all the details with a bird theme…petal beach outdid themselves with all of the birdcages and herb pots and bird’s nests on the tables at reception and with the pretty bouquets…as did ye olde pie shop with the pretty cake…i loved the poor boy caps the groomsmen wore and the necklace and earrings the bride wore were provided by foolish ginger

mcinerny0001 mcinerny0002 mcinerny0003 mcinerny0004 mcinerny0005 mcinerny0006 mcinerny0007 mcinerny0008 mcinerny0009 mcinerny0010 mcinerny0011 mcinerny0012 mcinerny0013 mcinerny0014 mcinerny0015 mcinerny0016 mcinerny0017 mcinerny0018 mcinerny0019 mcinerny0020 mcinerny0021 mcinerny0022 mcinerny0023 mcinerny0024 mcinerny0025 mcinerny0026 mcinerny0027 mcinerny0028 mcinerny0029 mcinerny0030 mcinerny0031 mcinerny0032 mcinerny0033 mcinerny0034 mcinerny0035 mcinerny0036 mcinerny0037 mcinerny0038 mcinerny0039 mcinerny0040 mcinerny0041


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i love small, intimate beachside weddings especially when they take place in asbury park a place near and dear to me in so many ways…and i especially love when i get to see some of my favorite professionals…it makes it all the more sweeter…denise vacchiano did her usual amazing job with jen’s hair and nina from perfect faces had jen glowing and perfect for the beach…reverand jill dillner is always so much fun to work with and i cannot recommend her enough for your ceremony…sunset florist’s bouquets were beautiful and it was a blast working with jay thompson from elite entertainment…thank you rachel at mcloone’s supper club for always making it a pleasure to work there…after a quick stop at brickwall in asbury park where this couple had their first date, we headed to the boardwalk for some photos before their ceremony and reception…take a peak…


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    Jeri, I don’t know how I missed this beautiful blog! Bob and I had such a wonderful time looking at all of our pictures and yelling “that’s my favorite!” to each and every picture. You captured some wonderful memories for us. Thank you!

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    Thank you guys!! I had a wonderful time with you both and thank you so much for the lovely gift!

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after photographing events for almost 20 years now, it takes a lot to make me cry…but the tears were flowing during lucille and tracy’s special day…maybe it was because they have been together for almost 30 years…maybe it was because this couple like many others like them are finally able to be married in the eyes of the law…maybe because their adorable, wonderful mothers, who i’m sure witnessed their girl’s struggles were able to share in their daughter’s special day…maybe it was because there was just an unbelievable amount of love and joy and friendship surrounding them…i was privileged to be able to not only tell their story but to witness their achievement and triumph and abundance of love…i will always remember these wonderful women and their incredible day…thank you to kris rupp for the second set of eyes…it’s always such an honor to work with you…and to nancy & chris at avenue…i always love working there with you both!

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    Thank you for your beautiful BLOG. You girls did a great job and took wonderful pictures. I know my
    girls were very happy with all of them………………Ann Benwell

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    Please send congratulations to Tracy & Lucille , I wish them much happiness,and may their love continue to grow stronger with each passing day.

    Love Sissy

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