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there is nothing sweeter than documenting members of families i have a personal connection to…i met the bride’s parents a lifetime ago and have wonderful memories of days spent with both of them…my boys even spent time playing in this same house when they were young as the bride’s mom, nancy, and i reminisced…nora’s dad, john, was a character and bigger than life and it seems strange that he’s been gone so long…he loved a party and no one threw a better one…his presence was felt even in his physical absence…i was beyond thrilled that the weather was so beautiful for nora and john’s special day as it had rained quite a bit that week even the day before and she looked absolutely perfect for her groom…darryn murphy did a lovely job with the florals and it is always so great working with mike simons, videographer…it was such a wonderful surprise to see nora’s cousin, lauren, who was a bridesmaid and a bride i photographed in november & her husband michael expecting their first child at the end of this year! the band of choice for this family is always rhythm shop and they did their usual pheonomenal job…there was a lot of confetti and laughter and dancing and pretty skies and i’m so lucky that i got to share a bit of it with this wonderful family…it’s always such a treat when i get to partner with an amazing photographer like jessica morrisy parker…take a peak…sands0001 sands0002 sands0003 sands0004 sands0005 sands0006 sands0007 sands0008 sands0009 sands0010 sands0011 sands0012 sands0013 sands0014 sands0015 sands0016 sands0017 copy sands0018 sands0020 sands0021 sands0022 sands0023 sands0024 sands0025 sands0026 sands0027 sands0028 sands0029 sands0030 sands0031 sands0032 sands0033 sands0034 sands0035 sands0036 sands0037 sands0038 sands0039 sands0040 sands0041 sands0042 sands0043 sands0044 sands0045 sands0046 sands0047 sands0048 sands0049 sands0050 sands0051 sands0052 sands0053 sands0054 sands0055 sands0056 sands0057 sands0058 sands0059 sands0060 sands0061 sands0062 sands0063 sands0064 sands0065 sands0066

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it was blue skies and sunshine for stephanie & jon’s  beachfront wedding at windows on the water…they decided to see each other before the ceremony for photographs and we opted for molly pitcher inn where the bride was getting ready followed by beach photos in sea bright with family and friends…the waves were absolutely incredible!  (check out the photograph of the bridal party at the edge of the ocean…i took this from the back deck of the venue while my assistant photographer, elliott, was photographing them on the beach)…all of stephanie’s details were so sweet even down to the vintage bicycle with a bouquet in the basket which we took out on to the beach and which the groom rode off on after the session was finished…stephanie looked amazing in her augusta jones gown and benjamin adams shoes…and the peony bouquets made me so happy as they are my favorite flower…courtesy of flowers by melanie…additional credits:  hair: diamond melendez  makeup:  jenevieve a. cruz  video: bob anthony productions  invitations:  laurie mausner designs  transportation:  long branch trolley  cake: sugarrush  band:  band of gold

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such a warm, sunny and fun day with elizabeth & daniel at the pt. pleasant beach inlet and sunset ballroom…elizabeth looked so pretty in her wedding gown provided by moonlight bridal and badgely mischka blue shoes and i loved the bridesmaids coral pink short , flowy dresses by b2 by jasmine…i love peonies and desgins by dara created lovely bouquets for the girls…the guys looked great in grey suits provided by pat the tailor and deanna lewis and pin it up did a wonderful job with hair and makeup…it was so nice working with nrg films for video and this is it entertainment and muellers bakery designed a gorgeous appliqued cake…thanks to elliott for the assist…

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jessica & michael’s day could not have been better! following their ceremony at first presbyterian church in rumson it was nothing but sunny skies, wonderful friends and family and a relaxed atmosphere at the beautiful waterwitch club in monmouth hills overlooking the nyc skyline…gig morris did a lovely job with the flowers and brennan’s food provided the food for the casual chic wedding reception…starlyte band kept everyone in a dancing mood…it was great working with mike simons on video with a special assist from photographer kris rupp for the first time…take a peak!

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