December 2013

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puppy love…

it was a bit rainy and chilly in thompson park for my session with puppy riley and his parents, matt & maureen, but he was all puppy ready to play and pose for his first portrait session…i think he did brilliantly…take a peak…

riley0001 riley0002 riley0003 riley0004 riley0005 riley0006 riley0007 riley0008 riley0009 riley0010 riley0011

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this wedding was such a treat for me on so many levels…i just loved this couple and their easy going nature and their families and friends many of whom have a very special place in my heart…lauren had attended or participated in several weddings i have photographed in the past so i was already familiar with her and her mom, colleen, felt like an old friend from the moment she stepped foot in my studio…it wasn’t long into our meeting before we realized why–her brother, the late john mulheren, was a wonderful friend and presence in my life along with his lovely wife, nancy for many years…it was a privilege to take photographs of lauren and michael in nancy’s daughter, dakota’s house which was once lived in by the late, great terry magovern who was also an important person in my life…i am thrilled to be able to photograph nancy and john’s daughter, nora’s wedding next june as well…it was a beautiful day made even more so by lauren and michael’s love for each other and spirit…after the ceremony at precious blood church in monmouth beach, we headed over to eagle oaks golf club in farmingdale (always nice to see ed) for a lively reception headed by the incredible rhythm shop band…the icing on the cake was seeing 2 of my favorite couples, meghan & steven kopp and michele and jeremy takacs as well as working with the incredible jessica morrissy parker, who the bridal party dubbed, the happiest person they’ve ever seen!

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baby love…x2

is there anything more precious than a sleeping baby?  yes! 2 sleeping babies….just a few from my session with adorable newborn brother and sister, logan and kendall…thank you to the wonderful jessica morrissy parker for the extra set of hands and lens…

amorosotwins0001 amorosotwins0004 amorosotwins0010 amorosotwins0013 amorosotwins0015 amorosotwins0011

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