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so it’s only happened a handful of times over the years where i have been brought to actual tears by a couple and the way they love one another…this was one of those couples…the way they looked at each other and touched each other and even more so seemed completely oblivious most of the day to everything that was going on around them because they couldn’t take their eyes off each other…they spent the better part of their reception in each other’s arms on the dancefloor with the exception of parent dances…they were relaxed and easy going and fun and so much in love…erin’s lace gown was just perfect for her and she looked exquisite with assistance on hair from kelly mcdermott and makeup from nina of perfect faces by by ellie did a beautiful job with the florals for both the ceremony at allaire chapel and the reception at the newly  opened galloping hill country club…thank you to elliott negron for another great assist and for making the long trip from brooklyn…additional credit:  dj, magic moments

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i am so looking forward to photographing this couple next august at spring lake golf club…they are so playful with each other and it was so much fun getting to know them a bit better…it was a bit chilly down in asbury park but we had some beautiful light and two people that were up for pretty much anything which made my job so easy…take a look…

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    Has Glynnis Fastiggi’s feet hit the ground since May 21, 2013? I notice that they are still elevated in these engagement shots. Jay DeCristofaro might need a tether to keep her on the ground until August 9, 2014.

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kelli & brian had a beautiful, windy day for their wedding at the always amazing clark’s landing yacht club…kelli is so sweet and was overjoyed about her day…she looked so lovely and i loved the brooch she wore in her hair done perfectly by the wonderful denise vacchianonina from perfect faces worked her magic with kelli’s makeup and something nice provided all of the florals…brian and his groomsmen all wore classic tuxedos and bowties  which i always think is the best look for a dapper groom next to a gorgeous bride…not only were they treated to a beautiful sunset but the dancefloor was jammed packed due to the incredible brian kirk and the jirks…special thanks to julia wagner for shooting alongside me on her last wedding before moving to north carolina…

kelli&brian0001 kelli&brian0002 kelli&brian0003 kelli&brian0004 kelli&brian0005 kelli&brian0006 kelli&brian0007 kelli&brian0008 kelli&brian0009 kelli&brian0010 kelli&brian0011 kelli&brian0012 kelli&brian0013 kelli&brian0014 kelli&brian0015 kelli&brian0016 kelli&brian0017 kelli&brian0018 kelli&brian0019 kelli&brian0020 kelli&brian0021 kelli&brian0022 kelli&brian0023 kelli&brian0024 kelli&brian0025 kelli&brian0026 kelli&brian0027 kelli&brian0028 kelli&brian0029 kelli&brian0030 kelli&brian0031 kelli&brian0032 kelli&brian0033 kelli&brian0034 kelli&brian0035 kelli&brian0036 kelli&brian0037 kelli&brian0038 kelli&brian0039 kelli&brian0040 kelli&brian0041 kelli&brian0042 kelli&brian0043 kelli&brian0044

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so i wrapped up the month of september (yes i am a bit behind in my blogging!) with a commissioned photo shoot by perfect faces by nina makeup…nina and i have done many weddings including the next 2 i will be blogging so when she asked me to do it i was so happy to do so…and it was an added bonus that i was able to work with denise vacchiano (my favorite hair stylist) on this as well…thank you for trusting me to present your work and for a great time!

nina_001 nina nina_011 nina_012 nina_014 nina_008 nina_006 nina_005 nina_007 nina_002 nina_010 nina_004 nina_009 nina_003

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