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venue:  Avenue
florist:Alan's Rumson Florist
dj: DJ Unique of Vision Entertainment
officiant:Rev. Jill Dillner
cake:cake bake and roll
dress designer:Herve' Leger
shoe designer:Andrew Stevens and Vero Cuoio
any other vendor you would like credited:Chris's suit is Canali
Wedding bands A.H. Fisher Diamonds in Red Bank

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it was a beautiful & breezy night for stephanie & jon’s engagement session in asbury park last week…the couple who resides in north carolina will be married next june at windows on the water in sea bright and they were so much fun to spend time with…as you can see, it’s impossible to take a bad photograph of either one of them and even their adorable dog, obie, put his best face on for the lens…jeanine mangan did a lovely job with stephanie’s makeup…i’m so looking forward to seeing them again next year for their beach wedding!


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nicole & charlie had an absolutely glorious day for their beautiful wedding at the always gorgeous weddings of distinction property, mallard island yacht club complete with an amazing full moon for their twilight photos…

credits: unforgettable djs, lily of the valley florist, dan martin group, lulu townsend, moesters bakery

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  1. Debbie Archimedes’s avatar

    Jeri, I am absolutely amazed at this preview! Your work is stunning! Your shots are so professional and even the posed shots seem totally natural. I can’t wait to see all the finished work and begin selecting pictures for my album, and I know Nicki can’t wait either. The hard part will be choosing!
    Thank you so much for your beautiful pictures.

  2. Jeri Houseworth’s avatar

    Thank you Debbie! I so enjoyed spending time with your family!

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