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i was super excited to photograph emem & james at the paradise vineyards & gardens in chesterfied…not just because i  had the wonderful jessica morrissy parker with me but because this was a new venue on a beautiful day which incorporated emem’s nigerian roots and culture throughout…i literally could not get enough of the colors and the music and the joy that surrounded this couple…special thank you to jennifer from the ultimate caterer and all of the amazing vendors involved in making this wedding so special!

additional credits:  brides gown:  paloma blanca  bridesmaids:  jim hjelm  makeup:  faces by cam  florist:  monday morning flowers  dj:  cutting edge entertainment  invitations:  designed by me  cake: bovellas pastry shop  ngozis african fashions  harpist:  mindy cutcher  reverand: diane cuesta  custom wine:  grape escape

emem&james0001 emem&james0002 emem&james0003 emem&james0004 emem&james0005 emem&james0006 emem&james0007 emem&james0008 emem&james0009 emem&james0010 emem&james0011 emem&james0012 emem&james0013 emem&james0014 emem&james0015 emem&james0016 emem&james0017 emem&james0018 emem&james0019 emem&james0020 emem&james0021 emem&james0022 emem&james0023 emem&james0024 emem&james0025 emem&james0026 emem&james0027

  1. Anne Heap’s avatar

    Gorgeous photos Jeri! What a wonderful and unique wedding – thanks for sharing!


  2. Ned Motley’s avatar

    Jim & Emem! I am so sorry we missed your great day. Pictures look exquisite. Hope your honeymoon is/was super. What a great start. You guys are so special. Keep lovin’ each other and building that relationship. Love Ned

  3. Renee Malvoisin’s avatar

    The pictures are very beautiful, congratulations!!!!

  4. Kathleen Hain’s avatar

    Hi Emem,

    What a beautiful bride you made…your wedding pictures are breath taking. I wish you both all the happiness in the world. Thank you for sharing the pictures with me.

  5. Sharon’s avatar

    Congratulations Emem and James! I love the pictures. Thank you for sharing the link with me 🙂


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i knew from my time spent with natasha & mike during their engagement session that they would be fun and they did not disappoint!…rain then the sun then rain then the sun all day for their wedding at the manor in west orange…although they were not able to enjoy their garden wedding as planned we did manage to get most of their photos outside before ceremony and afterwards…natasha loves the camera and the camera loves her!  once the ceremony was complete, she kicked off her 5 inch christian louboutin heels & headed for the glorious light that was filling the fountain and rose garden…steven from MUA and 4evabeauty did a beautiful job with natasha’s hair & makeup and i loved the dripping bouquets from bloomers florist...premiere entertainment kept the dance floor lively and the ceremony was officiated by the groom’s dad, gerry…after dinner, natasha changed into a custom designed and made dress by one of her friends and reentered the dance floor to continue to fun…special thanks to elliot who came in from brooklyn to assist…

additional credits:  bride’s gown:  casablanca  bridesmaids:  barry jay  tuxedo:  calvin klein

mike&natasha0001 mike&natasha0002 mike&natasha0003 mike&natasha0004 mike&natasha0005 mike&natasha0006 mike&natasha0007 mike&natasha0008 mike&natasha0009 mike&natasha0010 mike&natasha0011 mike&natasha0012 mike&natasha0013 mike&natasha0014 mike&natasha0015 mike&natasha0016 mike&natasha0017 mike&natasha0018 mike&natasha0019 mike&natasha0020 mike&natasha0021 mike&natasha0022 mike&natasha0023 mike&natasha0024 mike&natasha0025 mike&natasha0026 mike&natasha0027 mike&natasha0028 mike&natasha0029 mike&natasha0030 mike&natasha0031 mike&natasha0032 mike&natasha0033 mike&natasha0034 mike&natasha0035 mike&natasha0036 mike&natasha0037

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there is nothing more gratifying than being able to document the continuing love stories of my couples…seeing them through their engagements, marriages, pregnancies and births is so incredibly special to me and when they are an amazing (much overused word but so appropriate in this case) family as this one it is even more so…another word comes to mind upon meeting meghan & steven’s beautiful baby, liam, DELICIOUS!  i am pretty sure you will see what i mean in this preview…thank you to the ullman/zusack/kopp families for continuing to share your beautiful moments with me…

babyliam0001 babyliam0002 babyliam0003 babyliam0004 babyliam0005 babyliam0006 copy babyliam0007 babyliam0008 babyliam0009 babyliam0010 babyliam0011 babyliam0012 babyliam0013

  1. Karen’s avatar

    I am speechless! Once again, Jeri, your work tugs at my heart!

  2. Grandma Dale’s avatar

    FABULOUS!!!!!!! Love the photography and the subjects, of course!!

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it was a scorcher for ashley & john’s summer wedding but these two were so relaxed the heat was BARELY an issue…ashley looked lovely in her alvina valenta gown and jimmy choo shoes and i loved the jenny yoo bridesmaids dresses in soft pink with pockets…the flowers provided by conroys florist were just perfect…it was great working with michaeljustin films on video for the first time…it’s been quite some time since my last visit to the madison hotel and it’s update yet it still maintains such an old world charm…skyline drive kept the dance floor full…it was fantastic seeing brittany & sean whose wedding i photographed last year…thank you to julia wagner for another great day and to ashley & john for making it effortless!ashley&john0001 ashley&john0002 ashley&john0003 ashley&john0004 ashley&john0005 ashley&john0006 ashley&john0007 ashley&john0008 ashley&john0009 ashley&john0010 ashley&john0011 ashley&john0012 ashley&john0013 ashley&john0014 ashley&john0015 ashley&john0016 ashley&john0017 ashley&john0018 ashley&john0019 ashley&john0020 ashley&john0021 ashley&john0022 ashley&john0023 ashley&john0024 ashley&john0025 ashley&john0026 ashley&john0027 ashley&john0029 ashley&john0030 ashley&john0032 ashley&john0033 ashley&john0034 ashley&john0035 ashley&john0036 ashley&john0037 ashley&john0038 ashley&john0039 ashley&john0040 ashley&john0042 ashley&john0043 ashley&john0044 ashley&john0046 ashley&john0047 ashley&john0048 ashley&john0049 ashley&john0051 ashley&john0050

  1. Michael’s avatar

    Photos came out FANTASTIC!!! Great job and great working with you guys!

  2. Jeri Houseworth’s avatar

    thank you michael! it was great working with you too!

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there are so many beautiful moments in orthodox jewish ceremonies…there is so much tradition and meaning behind every step of the ceremony…i had not met lili & elie until the day of their wedding but from the moment i saw these two together i knew it was something so special…every woman should have a man look at her the way elie looked at lili when they saw each other for the first time and when she walked down the aisle to him…it was breathtaking…

berleywdg0001 berleywdg0002 berleywdg0003 berleywdg0004 berleywdg0005 berleywdg0006 berleywdg0007 berleywdg0008 berleywdg0009 berleywdg0010 berleywdg0011 berleywdg0012 berleywdg0013 berleywdg0014 berleywdg0015 berleywdg0016 berleywdg0017 berleywdg0018 berleywdg0019 berleywdg0020 berleywdg0021 berleywdg0022 berleywdg0023 berleywdg0024 berleywdg0025 berleywdg0026 berleywdg0027 berleywdg0028 berleywdg0029 berleywdg0030 berleywdg0031 berleywdg0032 copy berleywdg0033 berleywdg0034 berleywdg0035 berleywdg0036 berleywdg0037 berleywdg0038 berleywdg0039

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