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year in review

i will be traveling the month of january, catching up on some much needed rest and gearing up for next season…we will still be checking email so please feel free to contact us for anything that way…in the meantime, here are some highlights from this past year…wishing all of you the best new year ever!

  1. Michelle’s avatar

    JERI! Happy New Year!!!!!! These pictures are amazing, as usual!!!!!! We love you. Have a great next year. I love these pictures — makes me smile to think of the gorgeous pictures you took for our beachfront wedding. my favorite above? the “i do” shoes. ūüôā Big hug, Michelle (jumping on Steve’s Facebook page) xo

  2. Jeri Houseworth’s avatar

    love you too! have a fantastic new year and big hugs and kisses to isabelle and baby jack…oh and steve too! xoxo

  3. Michelle’s avatar

    Hey Jer… we miss you lots… have a great next year. You deserve it. (this is Steve)

  4. Joyce Kubert’s avatar

    Jim and I really enjoyed looking through all your photos! Our comments for each photo pretty much sounded like: “Oh, that one’s nice…Oh I like that one…Oh I love that one too…” You are so talented! I could go on and on…;) Happy New Year! xxoo Joyce and Jim

  5. Karen and Brian Ullmann’s avatar

    As always, these are beautiful! Thanks for adding Corey to your review!! Happy New Year!


this year has been one of incredible professional accomplishments and heartbreaking personal losses for me…yet as i look towards next year, the one overwhelming feeling that i have is gratitude…

i am grateful for all the little things that make life enjoyable…big hugs, spicy food, chocolate, my warm and cozy home, baseball, gorgeous sunsets,travel, music, books and the perfect cup of coffee…

i am grateful for my love, my dachshund buddy, who gives me unconditional love and kisses everytime he sees me…

i am so grateful for the gift of living in a place where I can start each morning looking at the sea…i start every morning now smelling the salty air and watching the birds dive for fish… 

i am grateful that G-d has blessed me with the ability to give and receive love freely without limitations, boundaries and fear…

i am grateful for every day i  get to wake up and create work that i love and that is meaningful to me and to the people who put their trust in me…

i am grateful for those who believe in my ability to create something special and who continue to support my business and me…

most of all,¬†i am grateful to the people in my life‚Ķmy incredible family‚ÄĒmy boys, who are growing into men before my eyes,¬†my parents who have always supported all of my endeavors no matter how out there¬†and my amazing sisters, who¬†i could not imagine my life without‚ÄĒand my friends, old and new, who lift me up when i‚Äôm down, make me laugh, keep me going and remind me what life is really about‚ĶLOVE‚Ķi have been showered with love‚Ķand not only am¬†i so grateful for the enormous amount heaped on me by those closest to me but¬†i am also¬†blessed enough to experience and share the love stories of all of you‚Ķmy life is filled with love‚Ķi am the luckiest girl in the world‚Ķ

to all of you who may have had a hard year, grab onto those closest to you, remind yourselves of all the good things you have in your life and breathe…when things are not going so great remember that the beauty of life is that it is always moving and changing and you never know what fantastic people, places and things are right around the corner for you…

i wish all of you new adventures, peace and most of all love…


  1. Linda Wilt’s avatar

    I haven’t seen you very often throughout the years, but I cherish having you for a cousin and I’m so, so full of happiness for your successes and your spirit I am proud of your accomplishments, you’re a strong and beautiful woman!

  2. Jeri Houseworth’s avatar

    you are and will always be my favorite cousin…love you!

meghan & steven

to say that there is no other group of people i would rather spend my last wedding of the season with is an understatement…having photographed the bride’s sister, tara, three years ago for her wedding as well as bridesmaid, michelle’s wedding this past may, it is like spending the day with your family…and, seeing these couples and their families is always such a treat for us…meghan looked amazing in her christos gown and boxwood gardens did a lovely job with the holiday themed florals…after their ceremony at church of the nativity in fair haven, we quickly headed over to riverside gardens in red bank and braved the cold and beat the sinking light to get some great photos of this couple before heading over to eagle oaks country club in farmingdale…it was great working with¬†jen anderson on video and meghan’s band, the dream team out of new york, were incredible!¬† thank you so much to the ullmans, cusicks, langleys, takacs, zusacks and now the kopps for reminding us why we do what we do and how lucky we are to be doing this…


  1. Tara’s avatar

    Breathtaking as always, Jeri! You are the best!

  2. Karen’s avatar

    Absolutely beautiful, Jeri! Thank you!

  3. Lindsay’s avatar

    Amazing work Jeri!!!

  4. Bill & Pat K’s avatar

    How wonderfull! Might be the 83rd time we scrolled through!
    Even though we were there, you captured moments in time that we didn’t see, and loved them all…

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