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jen & erik

sara and i had  such a great time photographing jen & erik’s wedding…from the locations of the bungalow and avenue, to their fantastic friends and family to the gorgeous weather and all of the handmade details that jen made to make her wedding extra special to the magnificent floral decorations created by bonnie & chris at petal beach–we could not have asked for a more perfect day!


  1. Carol Kutz’s avatar

    The pictures are beautiful…..and you captured how much Erik really loves & cherishes Jennifer! Can hardly wait to see the rest of the pictures!

  2. Susan Paris’s avatar

    The day was perfect, the wedding was way beyond expectations. You make a beautiful couple and the pictures are amazing!

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so despite all the reports to the contrary and a few rogue raindrops in the morning, april & robert had an absolutely glorious day for their beach ceremony and reception which followed at the sunset ballroom…we had a great time with them and their bridal party on the inlet beach outside jenkinsons where this couple met…jason from elite entertainment kept everyone on the dancefloor and they had the most adorable candy bar…

  1. Rose’s avatar

    God Bless April…..these are the most beautiful wedding pictures I ever saw…..Rose

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i have been looking forward to working with this family since they gave me the honor of choosing me to capture their day…they are so incredibly gracious and warm and familiar as there were many families there who i have worked with in the past and will be working with again soon!  i also cannot believe that i get to work with them again in august when i get to photograph michele’s sister, carol, on her wedding day!  i can’t wait!   the luck of the irish was with them and the rain held out so we were able to get plenty of outside pictures on the grounds of the brides home, st. james church and riverside gardens in red bank and a fantastic reception at the rumson country club…thank you michele & jeremy and i know you are having an amazing time in hawaii!

dress designer: alvina valenta
shoes:  j crew
flowers: boxwood gardens, fair haven
invitations:  monique l’hullier
video:  mike simons
band:  brian kirk & the jirks
hair: tranquility, fair haven
caterer:  rumson country club
transportation:  long branch trolley



  1. Kristin @ Bella Bridal Consultants’s avatar

    What a beautiful wedding! The bride is gorgeous, and everyone looks so kind and honored to be a part of it all. And is that Long Branch Trolley? What a great crew you had that day!

  2. Kaitlin Russo’s avatar

    Such gorgeous pictures of a beautiful couple. Thank you for sharing! What a fun night. Can’t wait to reminisce when you get back. Have fun!

  3. Michele Langley’s avatar

    I can’t thank you enough Jeri, the pictures look absolutely amazing. Jeremy and I loved working with you…and I’m looking forward to seeing you in August for Carol’s wedding! Thanks a million:)

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    there are no words — bellisima!!!

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just a few from nikki & joe’s engagement session in jersey city…it was great getting to know them better and i’m so looking forward to photographing their wedding in june…


  1. Linda Esposito’s avatar

    You captured the love of these two perfectly. We’re so impressed with the photos, can’t wait to see the wedding photos.

    Nikki, Joe I don’t know which one to choose. Dad & I love them all.

    Mom & Dad

  2. aunt belle’s avatar

    Dear Nikki & Joe;

    What beautiful pictures. They captured both of you beautifully. I can’t imagine how great the wedding pictures will be.

    Aunt Belle

  3. Jeri Houseworth’s avatar

    thank you so much! i’m looking forward to working with your families!

i recently read a post by a fellow photographer stating that they were going to try and revive the medium of film …well i am here to tell you that film has always been alive and well despite most photographers converting to digital…while i have incorporated the digital medium over the last two years or so in certain aspects of my work,  i have and will always photograph in film…the colors, the depth and warmth that film produces in the right hands goes unmatched…i will admit that it has irked me from time to time when a photographer calls themselves a “fine art” photographer and shows mostly images that have been overprocessed with actions and photoshop…i have always believed that the term fine art should  be reserved for those who are carefully crafting images in camera and making adjustments in the lab or darkroom to produce something that only they can create with their specific vision and style…now that is not to say that a photographer who shoots digitally can’t produce an exquisite fine art image…certainly they can as is shown in the work of marie labbancz and christian oth…but if you look at their work, you will not see overdone cookie cutter images…you will see something special…as you will in the work of my favorite photographers, all of whom shoot and have always shot 100% film…jose villa, lisa lefkowitz and elizabeth messina to name a few…i believe this is because you have to be much more methodical in the way that you capture and produce images…film shooters don’t shoot thousands of images from the hip and take them back to a computer to fix or edit…i have seen many changes since i started photographing events 16 years ago…some really great and some not so great…sometimes just because you have the technology doesn’t always mean you should use or overuse every bit of it…the flood gates have opened to anyone who can afford the price of a pro digital camera and photoshop with a set of actions, people that held other jobs last year are hanging shingles this year without the slightest bit of training or photographic knowledge and thus have almost completely diminished what used to be considered an art form…the field in general seems exceedingly “noisy” to me…i actually miss the quiet when you weren’t bombarded from every angle…when the only noise you heard was the sound of the shutter being released…when one simply gorgeous image would take your breath away…there is something so beautiful in the quiet, deliberate composition and technical knowledge of an artist who knows how to create an image organically from start to finish…most people do not understand the difference until they are shown and then they get it…it will continue to be my goal to produce meaningful, visually appealing images in all mediums i employ and i thank my clients for giving me the chance to create just one more image…regardless, i’m here to tell you that FILM IS NOT DEAD and has never been in our world here! 


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    The ballerina feet will always remain one of my favorites in your studio!!!!! I may one day ask to buy that from you for a babies room 🙂

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