5-25-2010 emma’s family

i had the honor of photographing amy and tom’s wedding several years ago in lambertville and it was just as beautiful as the new addition to their family, emma marie, who was just a bundle of  joy and delight for our session…thank you buckelews for sharing her with me for a little while…take a peak…




  1. Diane Lyzcen’s avatar

    These pictures are amazing! As Emma’s grandmother I’ve seen many, many pictures of her already in her short (almost) 3 mos with us, but these just bring tears to my eyes because they are so beautiful. Since the wedding pictures were spectacular, we are certainly not surprised by these results.

    Thank you for your wonderful artistry!

    Diane Lyzcen

  2. Carmen Montalvo’s avatar

    Diane she is beautiful. God Bless. The photographer took excellent pictures. Please keep me posted every time you have new pictures.


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