5-15-2010 gabriella & tim

beautiful day, fantastic couple, families & friends, gorgeous flowers from the unbelievable petal beach…such an amazing time at the berkeley oceanfront in asbury park…great swapping jobs with jen from sands of time!

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  1. Angel Canary’s avatar

    This is Fab! Great work 😉

  2. Jeri Houseworth’s avatar

    thank you angel…congratulations on your new studio…it looks beautiful!

  3. Jennifer’s avatar

    ALWAYS a pleasure working with you! What an amazing day and your visions were priceless…as everyone can see in these few samples. Another terrific couple and a job well done!

  4. annie (mother of the bride)’s avatar

    Have to say…”WOW!” You’ve captured the day! Ever grateful.

  5. Leah’s avatar

    Beautiful pictures to capture such an important day. I am so happy I could help by suggesting my talented and dear friend Jacqueline DePalo, the makeup artist. All my best, Leah


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