1-11-2010 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

hello to all my old friends and new ones just visiting my site!  i have so many wonderful and exciting events to photograph and i look forward to sharing many of them with you along the way!  a great big THANK YOU to former bride, current client and always friend, Michelle Charlesworth, who unbeknownst to me gave me a wonderful plug on her morning broadcast on eyewitness news on the morning of December 27th…she showed the very large canvas portrait i made up of her new son, jack, and made sure that everyone knew that  i took it and where to find me…so wonderful and a lovely surprise!  i will have a link to view up very soon…i promise to post as much as i can and i will try and keep up with my blogging despite the very busy upcoming season which begins for me tomorrow with baby portraits and leads to my first wedding of this year on Saturday…see you soon!


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