December 2009

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i have had a special feeling for laura mok and chris yoon since i photographed them for their engagement pictures in asbury park a few months ago…they are such warm, lovely, happy people individually and together they spread those feelings to their family and friends…sara and i completely loved sharing their special day with them…it was great working with jennifer from sands of time video and the westmount country club in paterson looked so great decked out for the holidays and the  sound choice band rocked!


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as promised, here are samplings from some portrait sessions…all were of former couples and their kids (something i absolutely love to do)…i will be posting some highlights from recent weddings in the next couple of days but these guys were just so cute i couldn’t wait to get them up… a big thank you to my lovely families that still continue to honor and trust me with their memories…qualia, livingstone and chaney…first up, the chaneys: tara, bill and their new addition, jackson followed by the qualia boys, mark and his younger brother bobby, and finally sunday morning with the livingstones, michelle, steve, isabelle and their new addition, jack james…thanks for the delicious pancakes!












I am so behind in updating my blog but know that it’s only because I am swamped shooting, processing orders and album designs for the holidays and there is not enough of me to go around!  I will be posting some highlights from some portrait sessions and weddings over the last few weeks in the next few days…I will not be posting every session I photograph but I will try to consistently post something for everyone to look at so bear with me while I catch up!