9-27-2009 Carnival for PALS (friends of Pam Callahan)

i have been so late in getting everything up that i want to…there are not enough hours in the day!  but i did want to get this up as i was so priviledged to be able to participate in some small way…i was asked by my longtime friend, sean magovern, to photograph the annual PALS carnival (people with als or more commonly known as lou gehrigs disease) at the driftwood beach club in sea bright…sean’s late father, terry, also a long time dear friend started the joan dancy and PALS organization after his fiance, Joan Dancy, was stricken with this horrendous disease which ultimately took her life.  this carnival is held by the friends of pam callahan, a monmouth county mother of 4, who also has been afflicted with als.  although, once again, the weather was uncooperative, the mood inside the tented areas of driftwood was as warm as it gets…i am posting some images from this wonderful event and would encourage anyone who happens upon my blog to connect to the link and find out more about both of these worthwhile groups and how to best help…joan dancy and pals and  carnival for pals…a special thank you to bob, the love of my life and a wonderful photographer in his own right, for his assistance in photographing this very special event…



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